About Oba and Co.

Aloha! Thank you for stopping by to check out Oba and Co.

My name is Becca and I was born and raised on Oahu. Grew up in an Asian American household and am a middle child. I loved playing sports growing up so I think with my resting mad face (RBF) and tough exterior it may surprise people that I like crafting. Don’t worry though, I have a big smile and am nice! I got married during COVID and have been enjoying the journey that me and my husband have been on as of yet. After a year of COVID, I asked my husband what one of his dreams would be—time and money didn’t matter. He asked me what mine was and I said “I think it would be super cool to open a small business. I am not sure what I want to do yet, but I want to do something big with my art.” Little did I know….

I started this small business August 2021, a few months after my niece was born. Initally, I was thinking of starting a business in card making, but there was something about it that didn’t make me feel inspired. I tried making a few digital cards, but nothing stuck and I was never satisfied. Once I made a custom onesie for my niece and showed a few family and friends, they suggested that I open up a business and sell them. I thought that was crazy, but it also seemed more than a coincidence because of my dream. How many times do we actually try to make our dreams come true? I know I barely do. They all seem too far of a reach, so I took the huge leap and wasn’t going to turn back. With the help of my mom supporting me with the accounting side of running a small business and my husband supporting me with the hours on end to start up my business, Oba and Co. came about! 

The meaning behind Oba and Co. Oba is short for Obasan, which means Aunty in Japanese. Co is short for company and my niece, along with all the other little keiki in my life represent the Company. These keiki are the reason and inspiration for what I do and what I create. They are my why behind this. 

I used to love running around and not having a care in the world when I was a keiki. The only problem was I was always sweating! Shirts and shorts made it so hot and uncomfortable to be a kid playing around. So with that being said, hopefully the softness and breathability of these shirts give the keiki no worry when running around or playing in the sand. It brings me so much joy and a smile to my face when I see others wearing a creation of mine. 

My hope is that by me starting this business, with the support and encouragement of a ton of friends and family, it can show my nieces, nephews, and hopefully my future kids, that it is never too late to chase after your dreams and God’s timing is perfect in that He will pave the way for your future exactly how it needs to be. I also hope that through my products that whoever is on the other end wearing/using them feel the love behind every single one of them. I think it is so important for every keiki to know and feel love around them. 

I have a regular day job so most of my time outside of my job is filled with Oba and Co. I was most nervous about juggling my life having a regular job, but Oba and Co. surprisingly helps relieve some stress. 

However, when I do find free time I enjoy lounging with my dogs, playing basketball, lifting weights, cooking and love any kind of arts and crafts. Some crafts that I enjoy alongside of this business are wreath making, making lei po‘o and lei for friends and family, painting, drawing, and doing macrame. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and hopefully along this journey I will get to know more of you as well! Mahalo!